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Client Centered

I specialize in getting you from Point A to Point B -- from where you are to where you want to be.

I focus on answering two questions "Will I make it? " and "Do I have any financial blind spots? "


I use my GPS Financial Planning process to accurately identify your starting point.  Next we select the best route from multiple choices after we have thoroughly reviewed the pros and cons of each.  Also, the process reveals roadblocks and detours and how to safely navigate around them.  Finally through constant monitoring and making adjustment when needed the model signals when we have reached your destination.


Point A – Where you are now

  • Identify needs, wants, and wishes
  • Current Budget
  • Current Net Worth Statement
  • Tax Planning
  • Income Needed at Retirement
  • Investment Plan
  • Wealth Management
  • Protection Evaluation
  • 7 Non-Financial Documents

Point B  – Where you want to be

  • Strategies to meet needs, wants, and wishes
  • Retirement Budget
  • Retirement Net Worth
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Tax Minimization Plan
  • Healthcare Plan
  • Contingency Plans for good and bad financial condition
  • Asset Protection Plan
  • Planned Gifting


Three Objectives:

  1. Where You Are Now
  2. Where You Want to Be
  3. How to Get to there – Collaborative Strategy Planning Sessions

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