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When my wife and I started our life together, she earned $3.65 per hour, and I earned $3.55 per hour.  That was over 33 years ago.  We were fortunate that we both agreed to not spend more than we made.  However, that didn’t mean that we were totally united in the way we handled money.  This is a life-long process.

If you are just starting, developing good money management is the key to a bright financial future.

Are you single or married, it doesn’t matter, everyone needs to learn good money management. 

Young peoples’ greatest asset is time.  You can minimize the waste of money.  You can take recaptured wasted money and put it to work for you sooner, using the power of compound interest.  If you start early, it requires less money to reach your goals.  Also, you begin setting the stage for other life goals like home-ownership, seed money for a business, and college planning for children.

I have the technology in place to help with a spending plan, deal with consumer and student loan debt, work towards retirement, and lay a financial foundation that enables you in the future to enjoy greater money success.


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