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I help teachers accurately figure their future pension and benefits while they still have time.

I am experienced with working with educators who participate in OPERS, STRS, or SERS retirement plans. In addition, I was the women’s high school varsity soccer coach for 12 years at my alma mater. So, I am a member of the state retirement plans, too.

Planning on Retiring Early?
If you are planning to retire early you should know that there is a cost to you. Please, make sure to understand what you are gaining and losing. Teachers under the age of 65 will need to review their healthcare options.

Benefits Review
Teacher benefits grow over time. At the beginning of your career benefits may not adequately protect you and your family in the event you die too soon or you break down along the way. In the middle of your career, your benefits will have definitely increased. You will need to evaluate if they have increased enough to keep up with your responsibilities and lifestyle. At the end of your career benefits are substantial and it comes down to making sure they get you across the finish line without any surprises.

Social Security and Your Pension
The WEP and GPO are two provisions that can greatly reduce or eliminate the benefits a teacher receives from Social Security on their or their spouse's work record. I help you know which income you can count on and which income you can't.

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