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Vance Bennett

Financial Advisor, CFP®

(740) 973-3792

I started out helping people at my church.  I found that ordinary people, even very successful people, were at a disadvantage when it came to the money game because they lacked the proper information.  I saw that people needed help in these areas:

  • Seeing beyond their perceived limitations
  • Being informed about the secrets of how money works
  • Understanding Financial-Ese. The language of money and financial institutions.
  • A partner to help them stay on track

If you are 50 years old or older, I help you answer, “Will I make it” and “Do I have any financial blind spots?”  Answering these two questions brings hope, financial freedom, and peace of mind.


I specialize in the 50 plus age range, but I want all people, young and old, to experience these benefits and I know I can help anyone willing to be coachable reach their ideal future.


I wish I could say the people that have called me a partner and a coach came to me because of my overwhelming good looks, but as you can see it is not. 

However, I have had clients say:

  • “Because you are a good advisor who talks to me and not at me.”
  • “You take the time to understand my concerns, fears, and dreams.”
  • “You have given me the time needed to understand the solutions without fear of asking, could you explain that one more time?”

The bottom line is - You as a person, matter to me not just your money!


I believe in the saying “What you do to get ’em is what you got to do to keep ’em.”  If you think of it like dating, in the beginning, we do all the extra stuff to impress the other person, however, after some time has passed our attention and efforts can wane.  In a business relationship, after you become a client, I put great effort into constantly doing the extra stuff.  Which boils down to Communication and Attention.  After all, you deserve it at every stage of life!

I do not just discuss your money.  There are 7 Non-Financial topics that every person should discuss and take action on.  If these 7 topics are not addressed, they can potentially be catastrophic financial events.  You are the sum of all your parts, which are financial, physical, spiritual, legacy, and values.  I plan and strategize around the whole of you.


In addition, for my clients who want to, we seek the Ultimate Advisor – God.


Certified Financial Planner with 24 Years of Experience.  Magna Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a degree in Financial Planning and a Minor in Business.  A Licensed Insurance Agent, Licensed Registered Representative with FINRA, and Certified Tax Preparer with the IRS.

In my free time, I enjoy cycling, spin class, and morning basketball at the YMCA.   Amy (my wife of 34 years) and I have four adult children and five grandbabies.  We enjoy our church life group, vacationing at beaches, and get-togethers with family and friends.  In the community, I held several non-profit board positions, been a Girl’s High School Soccer Coach, and am very active in my local church.